Searching for sugar man

Hitting select screens this week , from the team that brought us ' man on wire' ' searching for sugar man ' tells the story of sixto rodriguez a folk singer from Detroit who was considered at one time to be the next Dylan , he subsequently bombed in America and was dropped by his record label . The record went to be a major hit in South Africa without rodriguez knowing.

This documentary tells the story of 2 south Africans and their journey to find sixto , following mysterious leads and song lyrics



5 acts for EP that may have slipped under your radar

Star slinger little big tent Saturday 03:00 ( technically Sunday morning)
One of the best remixers around . His sets range from hip hop to electronica

Grouplove Cosby stage Saturday 13:15
Another too cool for school new York band but they appear to have the tunes to back it up, if the hangover allows it ,check em out

Solar bears body and soul main stage Friday 22:00
Straight out of Wicklow (well one of em is from greystones) . They made one of the best Irish electronic albums and have a great live set up beefing up their sound, they face stiff competition at that time slot but they deserve a big crowd

John talabot body and soul earth ship stage Saturday 23:00
From Catalonia , one for house music lovers, my fav remixer at the moment

The 2 bears little big tent Saturday 18:30
Featuring Joe goddard from hot chip playing straight after the wonderful disconauts from Galway this should get the whole tent going