new portishead ‘atp’ mix

before they curate their own festival , portishead have put together their own ATP mix featuring some of the bands playing at alexandra palace on july  23 & 24th


00.00 “…They Don’t Sleep Anymore on the Beach…” / Monheim – Godspeed You! Black Emperor
13.19 We Carry On – Portishead
19.44 A Cold Freezin’ Night – The Books
23.04 Gazzillion Ear – Doom
27.15 You Fucking People Make Me Sick – Swans
32.20 Yang Yang – Anika
35.11 Real Love – Factory Floor
42.32 Infinity Skull Cube – DD/MM/YYYY
45.51 Untilted – Helen Money
51.42 “Four Spirits In A Room” Excerpt – Alan Moore & Stephen O’Malley
56.50 Plaster Casts Of Everything – Liars
60.43 8 Steps To Perfection – Company Flow
65.23 Written On The Forehead – PJ Harvey
68.49 Arabic Emotions – The London Snorkeling Team
71.27 Wulfstan – BEAK>
77.28 When My Baby Comes – Grinderman
84.09 Paris Signals – S.C.U.M.
88.30 Lovers With Iraqis – Foot Village
92.18 Gratitude – Acoustic Ladyland
96.29 Violence – The Telescopes
100.01 Hannibal – Caribou
106.15 Walk In The Park – Beach House

moneyball trailer

based on the true story and bestselling boof of the same name, moneyball tells the story of one of the most amazing underdog success stories in american sports history.

the story focuses on Billy Beane manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team. the team has the lowest wages in the entire league and cannot attract any good players so he hooks up with  Peter Brand who introduces him to a new method for picking possible recruits – a computer analysis program running a system called Sabermetrics, which uses empirical evidence instead of the conventional wisdom. the team is recruited then picked purely on stats. they then for the next couple of years go on to have the best winning ratio in a regular season in the whole league


the film stars brad pitt, jonah hill & philip seymour hoffman

the film is out on november 4th