domino radio

domino records has decided to go into the radio business , launching on june 6th for one week the station  will feature shows by  Animal Collective, Hot Chip, The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, No Pain In Pop, Bobby Gillespie, Optimo, Dirty Projectors, Frieze Arts, Robert Wyatt and many more.

there will be no playlists whatsoever.

if you fancy hosting your own show they are inviting people to submit one hour playlists to . you can also nominate a person you’d like to see get a show to the same address

and it all happens here

today is all about the odd future gang

first off tegan and sara have launched an attack on tyler the creater and his homophobic lyrics , you can read that here

secondly the illusive part member of odd future ‘earl’ has been tracked down by the ‘new yorker’ magazine. you can read about that here