Brian eno – days of light audio visual project

To coincide with the release of LUX, the album was broadcast at four times during Saturday 17th November 2012 via

Listeners were invited to upload photos as part of an evolving public audio-visual project named ‘DAY OF LIGHT’

The four plays were selected to capture different lighting – from sunrise, day, sunset and night.
Submissions were encouraged under a theme ‘play of light’ and were curated by Eno and his team in real time.

This film archives just 4 minutes of Eno’s favourites from over 6,000 submissions.


Searching for sugar man

Hitting select screens this week , from the team that brought us ' man on wire' ' searching for sugar man ' tells the story of sixto rodriguez a folk singer from Detroit who was considered at one time to be the next Dylan , he subsequently bombed in America and was dropped by his record label . The record went to be a major hit in South Africa without rodriguez knowing.

This documentary tells the story of 2 south Africans and their journey to find sixto , following mysterious leads and song lyrics



new avalanches mixtape ‘sleepy bedtime mix for young ones’

the worlds most unprolific band may have come out of hiding to upload a mix onto the interweb.

the band tweeted from their official twiter account that the mix may or may not be the avalanches. not a clue whether this means that they are ready to release the follow up to the great ‘since i left you’ album released 12 years ago but here’s hoping

heres the mix 

Irvine Welsh Day book/film news

Today Irvine welsh releases his new book ‘skagboys’ a prequel to his most popular title to date ‘ trainspotting’ . It’s a return to leith after basing his last book(and one of his best) ‘crime’ in America which is now his base after living for a few years in Dublin.

The book finds renton, sickboy, spud etc in thatchers Britain with high hopes and ideas slowly been corroded by hard core drug addiction and no hope of a job. I received my copy today and I’m very much looking forward to reading it.

Also out next week is an film adaptation of irvine’s film ‘ecstasy’ not one of my favourite books of his but I will check it out

Heres the trailer

Filming has also just finished on an adaptation of ‘filth’ starring James mc Avoy following the exploits of edinborough cop Bruce Robertson into the depths of all kinds of depravity . I’m really looking forward to this one

dj food’s Kraftwerk Kover Kollection

almost 2 years ago dj food of ninja tunes fame started releasing tributes to dussldorf’s finest kraftwerk . they have now completed the  6 volumes .in their words the mixes”features cover versions, sample-heavy tracks or songs that obviously owe a debt to the Dusseldorf quartet. Each mix is laced with spoken word, interviews or info about Kraftwerk too.”

download or stream them below